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Computer Output Microfilm | Use a Digital Archive Writer


What is computer output microfilm or microfiche? And what does an archive writer have to do with it? If you have heard about them before, we are sure this article will be of interest. If you are working in this industry, even better.

What should you know?

Computer output microfilm or microfiche, as it is called, is […]

Non Destructive Book Scanning | How to do it in 2018


Still thinking of how to do non destructive book scanning in 2018 ? Look no further, we are here to help you out.

Non-destructive book scanning is the process in which physical books are scanned to digital file formats without removing the back of the spine or destroying it. This process revolves around the use of […]

Microfilm printing services – Microfilm to paper in 5 minutes


If you ever worked with microfilm, I am sure that at one point you searched for microfilm printing services. Even if it’s new to you, I am sure you are thinking if its possible to print the frames from your microfilms on actual paper.

To offer good microfilm printing services we can accept 16mm and 35mm […]

Best Way to Scan a Book – Convert physical book to ebook


Have you ever wondered what is the best way to scan a book? I for one had many times when I needed to have my book scanned, just so I can browse through it much quicker.

We can definitely say that the best way to scan a book is to do it using a specialized book […]

Yearbook Scanning Service | Why our service actually works


Ever wanted to transfer your paper yearbooks to a computer, but did not know a yearbook scanning service exists?

Well, it does actually, and it’s pretty neat.

What to expect from a yearbook scanning provider?  

Well, probably just to convert a yearbook to digital at a very high quality. You surely want great looking images and the ability to rewind […]

Scanning books to pdf services – Convert books to PDF


Our company handles scanning books to PDF services. We convert paper-based books or bound documents, to electronic file formats such as PDF. Our book scanning services also include the creation of Ebook files, of Word files or other file formats. Still, most of our customers ask us PDFs of scanned books.

For all the files generated, you can […]

Newspaper scanning service – Digitization of newspapers


Our newspaper scanning service provides the customer with high quality and efficient digitization of newspapers. We can offer scanning services for newspapers of different sizes, from tabloid to broadsheet size. Our scanning can be done in color or grayscale or even black and white if you require.

The scans will be converted to the desired file […]

How to make microfilm and microfiche in 2018


This article teaches you how to make microfilm in 2018. It shows you how to use a microfilm camera for this, a digital archive writer and even how to create microfiche.

Making microfilm has never been easier.

The classical approach to create microfilm and microfiche involves the use of microfilm cameras. These are used to copy paper documents […]

Microfilm Scanning Service | We charge from 0.01 £ / page

| is a microfilm scanning service that works with clients all over Europe and the UK.

As an experienced microfilm scanning provider, we can extract millions of digital of pages from microform media.

Get in touch with us NOW, to get a FREE microfilm scanning project evaluation. 

Why customers choose to scan microfilm

Digital access to their microform content and in general […]

Microfilm Scanning Prices | Scan today from 0.01 / £ page


Microfilm scanning prices represent the total cost to digitize microfilm in a digital format. We always include the logistics involved, the cost of actual scanning and other value-added services. Therefore we will convert your microfilm digitally while keeping a close eye on costs and other financial aspects.

Working together on your requests and needs, we will be able to […]