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Make 16mm Microfilm from Paper or Digital Documents

Our microfilming services are available for digital images, but we can also do paper scanning. We have 3 high speed archive writers that ensure reliable microfilm production.

  • 0.02£ / A4 for orders over 10 rolls
  • 16mm Microfilm Reference Archive Media
  • Advanced quality control features
  • Wide range of source documents
  • Highly reliable microfilming process
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We use high-quality LE500 16mm film ImageLink rolls. These are guaranteed to last for 500+ years.

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Your data is securely kept on our servers and is deleted after the project is completed.

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Discounts up to 50% for large orders. Our archiving service offers the best value for money.


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How do the Microfilming Services work?

You send us the digital files or physical documents.

We put the documents on 16mm microfilm.

We send you the Microfilm Rolls in just a few days.

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The microfilm rolls that we produce.

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Microfilm service

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Frequent questions about Microfilming

We are a digitizing company based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We have 3 offices in 3 cities: Cluj-Napoca, Zalau and Baia-Mare. Our services include Scanning, Processing, Indexing and data extraction from books and documents. We have been a partner of the Xerox Corporation since 1991.

We have perfected this service over a long time period and now we are offering it to every country in the European Union.

File Formats that we accept

About the Microfilm

  • PDF, PDF/A – OCR
  • JPG, PNG

Our microfilms respect all the European archiving standards.

Images / Roll
Images / Day (Capacity)

We put the documents on 16mm microfilm in Black & WhiteThe microfilms are negative slides.

We process the microfilms so that you can view them outside in the light without any problems.

Examples of documents that we can microfilm

  • Medical Records
  • Records
  • Newspapers
  • Archives
  • Documents
  • Technical Drawings
  • Health Records
  • Insurance documents
  • Patient Records
  • Hospital records
  • State Records
  • State archives
  • Magazines, Books
  • Legal Documents
  • Technical documents
  • Accounting Documents

Yes! We can offer you a variety of services to help you complete your digitization project.

We can also work together with you on Public Tenders as a subcontractor. We do whatever we can to meet the necessary terms and conditions.

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  • Free Tests and Demos for your project using your documents.
  • Customized services for your project
  • Increased Data Security
  • Scalability of Personnel & Equipment
  • Performing the service on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • 24/7 Support by phone & e-mail
  • Mobility & On-Site Scanning

Microfilming Service

Our Microfilming Service is available anywhere in Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Australia.

Microfilming service – 16mm microfilm

If you would like to receive Microfilm prices or rates, please, please contact us and we will provide you with a microfilming services quote. We are a company specialised on 16mm Microfilm that provides long-term archiving of documents. The cost of microfilm rolls is very cheap and the advantage is that it lasts for 500+ years.

When creating 16mm microfilm we can offer the following options:

  • We can write digital images directly. You can send us your digital files and we use our microfilm archive writers to create high quality Reference Archive Microfilm.
  • If you have paper documents, we can use our professional document scanners to digitize them and improve their quality using our document image software. Once they go through quality control, they are ready to be microfilmed.
  • If you have books, our book scanning department will create digital copies of your books and they will be sent to the microfilming department to create analog copies on microfilm.
  • We also offer drawing scanning before microfilming. We will scan, process and then convert your drawings to microfilm.

We only stick to high quality types of microfilm, such as the Reference Archive Microfilm Media. Also, we have great experience in the document imaging field, therefore we can offer you further assistance with your requests.

The answer is definitely YES. Most of our customers are government institutions or agencies.

We have a good project management team that is ready to handle specific customer requests, especially in sensitive public areas. They can provide support, offer ideas on how to preserve documents better and even advise you on how to improve the efficiency of your permanent archive.

Also, our film processing department is capable of advising you how to approach film processing in the best way possible to suit your long term expectations with microfilm storage.

Yes, the media we use can be scanned with just about all microfilm scanners available on the market.

It does not really matter which media you use, microfilm scanning is pretty straight forward. The standard office microfilm scanners can be used for :

  • Microfilm Jackets and Aperture card scanning. Yes, with a standard microfilm scanner you will be able to scan aperture cards without any issues.
  • Microfiche scanning. Don’t look for specific microfiche scanners, unless you need a really powerful one. Most office microform scanners will scan microfiche as well.
  • 16mm or a 35mm archive can be scanned with most microfilm scanners out there.

If you need further information, head to our page on microfilm scanning services.

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Our Microfilming Experience

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Microfilming Services for Land Documents

Microfilming of documents such as land, cadaster or other type of properties is very important in today’s world. Our microfilming process is adjusted to preserve such documents for longer periods of time, while maximizing efficiency and quality. 

Microfilming Process for Land Documents

Microfilming Invoices

Another important microfilming process is the microfilming of invoices and other financial statements. If you want to preserve documents for longer periods of time, or you need a permanent archive for your company documents, microfilming of documents is the only solution you have. 

Microfilming Invoices

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