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Microfiche Scanning Service | Convert to Digital Images


If you want a reliable microfiche scanning service, we are one of the companies to choose.

There has not been an easier way to convert microfiche to digital images, PDF, TIFF, Jpeg or even MS Word.

We offer a low microfiche conversion cost, and use a very good scanning equipment.

Fill in the order form below if you […]

The Best Book Scanning Service | Top 3 Tips to make the right choice


Finding a scanning service is difficult enough, not to mention finding the best book scanning service.

Still, there are good book scanning services around. What are the things that separate them though?

From our experience, the best book scanning service is that company which can scan with no further questions asked, most of your bound materials. They […]

Microfilm Services | Simple Tips to Get the Perfect Service


Have you ever needed microfilm services and thought to yourself where should I go for these?

To get the most out of your microfilm services, you need to have a bit of background into microfilm and the microfilm industry. It will be easier to communicate with the service providers, and in the end, you will get […]

Manuscript Digitization | The 5 simple rules to do it perfectly


Have you ever wondered why the manuscript digitization you are currently doing is not yielding great results?

We also faced this in the beginning, but not anymore.

See, manuscript digitization is the process in which rare and old manuscripts are converted to digital file formats so they can be shared online by users from all parts of […]

Microfilm Scanner | 5 Reasons NOT to Buy One


Do you have to convert microform and thinking of buying a microfilm scanner?

A microfilm scanner is a specialized type of scanner that handles microform media. It converts information on microfilm and microfiche to digital image formats that you can read on your computer.

We think that buying a microfilm scanner is only worth it when outsourcing […]

Book Scanning Machine | How to use it for bound books


A book scanning machine is an equipment specifically designed for bound book scanning. Usually, this overhead book scanner features a high-quality linear camera and a high-end lighting system.

The book scanning device can be manual or fully automatic. A manual book scanner means the operator manually flips pages and captures each scan. An automatic book […]

Automatic Book Scanner | Fast scanning of bound books


I can imagine you are thinking about an automatic book scanner every time you have to copy 2-3 pages from a book on a copying machine.

Yes, we all know that awful process in which you flip the page, turn the book and hit the copy button. It just goes on and on and on. You are sure […]

Textbook Scanner | Why you should use one in 2018!


Ever since I was in school I always dreamed about having a special textbook scanner.

Especially in college, I was really annoyed about having to take notes. I always wanted to copy or scan notebooks that my colleagues were successful in taking notes.

Scanning textbooks was also in my mind. Being able to see what others were thinking […]

Digitize Microfilm | Effortless digitizing from 0.01 £


If you are reading this you are probably thinking of digitizing microfilm. Analog microfilm is very difficult to read. When you digitize microfilm, you can view all the frames on your computer.

Why you should digitize microfilm

Microfilm requires special microfilm readers to be viewed. Either you can use an analog microfilm reader or a scanner, you will […]

Scan Large Documents | A0 Scanning from 1.49 £


To scan large documents, sometimes it can seem intimidating. We’ve all had that very long sheet of paper in front of us, wondering how we can convert it to a digital file format.

It is possible to scan wide format documents to PDF, TIFF or JPEG.

Yes, this is possible, and it isn’t that difficult as it might […]