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January 2018

Microfilm Scanning Prices | Scan today from 0.01 / £ page


Microfilm scanning prices represent the total cost to digitize microfilm in a digital format. We always include the logistics involved, the cost of actual scanning and other value-added services. Therefore we will convert your microfilm digitally while keeping a close eye on costs and other financial aspects.

Working together on your requests and needs, we will be able to […]

Convert Microfilm to Digital Images | PDF from 0.01£ / Page


We convert microfilm to digital images, TIFF, JPEG and PDF formats on a regular basis.

It might seem like a hassle, but if you do it frequently, converting microfilm to digital images can be quite easy.

If you are actively converting microfilm to digital, or you are tired and you want us to do it for you, go ahead and complete the following contact […]

How to Choose the Best Types of Microfilm for Your Project


The two current types of microfilm in use today, are microfilm and microfiche. Actually, they are considered microform technology. If they seemed a challenge in the past, going through this article will definitely answer most of your questions on the subject.

This major categories of microfilm are based on the form and shape of microform media. Microfilm comes […]

Looking for a microfilm to digital conversion equipment?


Ever wondered what a microfilm to digital conversion equipment does or how it works?

Basically, this is a special kind of equipment, that transfers microfilm frames to digital file formats. It works for 16mm microfilm, 35mm microfilm or microfiche media. Most equipment will be able to handle both positive and negative image polarity. 

The microfilm to digital […]

Book Scanning Services Review | How to compare providers


The book scanning services review we are showing today is an evaluation of the OVS book scanning services. The article will present the reasons for such a review, but also the upsides and the downsides of the service. We have also included the technical specifications of the service.
The reason for a book scanning services review ?
We […]

Microfilm printing process – Convert microform to digital prints


Microfilm printing is the xerographic process in which images from microfilm are transferred to paper.

The first solution involves the use of a microfilm reader that is connected to a digital printer. The images are transferred directly to the printer. Because microfilms are usually in grayscale or bitonal, a black and white digital printer is enough.

We […]

December 2017

Microfilm vs microfiche – Positives and negatives of microform


Microfilm vs microfiche is about the differences and similarities between the 2 technologies. Manufacturers usually deliver microfilm on reels. They spool microfilm on 16mm or 35mm reels. Microfiche is 105mm by 148mm in size and comes in sheets. The technology to write on them is more or less identical.

Machines are different based on purpose though. Microfilm […]

Read this article before you start to microfilm images


We microfilm images on our archive writer machines. This is possible with our state of the art pre-processing software tools, and as we mention, the archive writer machines we are using. Images from different sources, TIFF, JPEG, PDF and other formats can be transferred to 16mm microfilm. Every image is processed and then we transform […]

Services for the Digitization of Documents


We provide services for the digitization of documents. Our offer includes scanning services for documents from small sizes to A0 and even bigger. We can digitize documents that loose or documents that are bound. So in that sense, we can digitize standard A4 documents, large drawings or even bound documents, like books or registries.

In this […]

Microfilm alternatives – Are there any viable ones today ?


Microfilm alternatives are quite a lot these days it seems. With the development of digital tools, it seems microfilm alternatives are just growing and growing. Computers have greater computing power and costs are at a fraction.

If you consider the cost of 1 mb today, it would seem the decision should be pretty straightforward. But all […]