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How to Order

The general ordering procedure is a very simple one. The for major steps, as described below, have very clear guideliness and you can check them out in the above tabs.

As you can see, each step is described in the above tabs :

  • Order - The ordering procedure and general guidelines
  • Send - Preparation, packing and chosing the apropriate shipping.
  • Scan - The actual scanning workflow and post processing operations.


Need more info? Please visit the FAQ section, or contact us.

Order now!

Before ordering, it is recomended to check all the details, to ensure your order is processed according to your needs.

Page size


Select the paper size of your document:

  • A5 - For documents of equal size or smaller than A5 (148mm x 210mm)
  • A4 - For book pages of A4 size or smaller than A4 (210mm x 297mm)

Content Inner Margin


How to check your Inner Margin ?

  • The inner margin is the distance from the center of book, to the writing block, as shown in the left picture.
  • If this value is lower than 1cm, there is a risk of characters not being captured. Contact us or choose destructive scanning directly, as this technology allows for lower values than 1cm.

The color output

Color output

  • Black & White - The image is made up of only Black & White pixels. Great for books with just text.
  • Grayscale - The image also has shades of grey. Great for books with black and white images.
  • Color - Full Colors. Great for books with color images and diagrams.

File formats

file format

  • PDF - Your book in a single PDF file. Very high quality.
  • Word Doc - We convert the book into an editable Word Document with the text and images included.
  • eBook - You get 2 files: An ePub that works on any reader and a PDF which is very small in size and can be read on any mobile device.
  • JPG - We supply you with every single page as a JPG format.
  • PDF OCR - This is our favourite. It’s a PDF in which you can search for a specific text or word. It knows the text in the book and you can find anything in a second.

Removing the binding ?

destructive-non destructive

  • Yes - It’s going to be 30-40% cheaper. We cut the binding of the book and scan it on document scanners.
  • No - We scan the book on specialised book scanners. We return it in the exact same condition.

Recycle the book ?


  • The recycling feature will allow us to recycle the book, and will save you the shipping return. Saves 30% on scanning price and no return fee will be charged.
  • Works with Destructive Scanning only.

Are you a company ?


  • Is your company VAT exempt ? Take advantage of this and pay the final price without VAT included.
  • If YES, and your company holds a valid VAT number, please enter the name of your company and VAT Code, to pay the ammount without VAT included.

Please follow the instructions and guideliness below. After you have ordered and completed all the ordering details, this is the next step.

Packing your books


  • Bubble protected envelope - For small quantities of books this is the easiest way to ship. The small weight of the envelope will also save you on the shipping cost.
  • Small box - For medium quantity of books, it is recommended to use a small box, as this will be easier for you to manage.
  • Large box - For larger quantities of books, use a larger, tougher box.
  • Custom packaging - ask your local postal office for custom packaging solutions, including special protective envelopes or custom boxes.

Shipping method


  • National Post - when there is no time pressure, your National Post will give you the best shipping solutions and fees.
  • Express shipping - Use any courier you want, and send your books in express. Shipping companies like DHL, DPD, Fedex, and other service providers will offer express shipping options.
  • Shipping Printed Material - Some service providers, especially National Posts, will offer a special shipping service for books and other printed material. This service is cheaper than the standard shipping service, so please ASK YOUR LOCAL SHIPPING PROVIDER about this type of service.

Books return

package return

  • Budget Shipping - This kind of shipping uses the national post, and it can take 10 days to return your book. It is the ideal value solution.
  • Express Shipping - We use DPD to return your books, and usually it takes around 3-4 days for the package to reach you. Some European countries may take up to 7 days.
  • Custom Shipping - Contact us and we can arrange together the appropriate shipping. This solution is recomended when you have larger packages, or more than 5-6 books.

Book preparation


  • Books are checked for inserts, and other aspects. They are cleaned for dust, and a minimum repair on the book is done if needed prior to scanning.
  • Books that are scanned destructively, have their spine removed, and are double checked for pages stuck together.

Book scanning


  • Books are scanned with our professional scanners if the non destructive option is chosen.
  • Books that are scanned destructively, are sent trough a high speed document scanner.
  • Scanning method chosen depends on the book mechanics ( quality, paper type, condition etc. )

Image Processing


  • Pages are inspected and sent to the post processing department.
  • Images are cleaned for white background, deskewed, despeckled and the apropriate cropping is done.
  • Quality check is done for every scan, and files are converted to the chosen file format.

File upload


  • Files are uploaded through Wetransfer.com, and are stored for a week, before they are deleted.
  • Customers download the files and inspect the scans.
  • Once they confirm the scans are in order, books can either be returned or recycled.

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