Scan a Book

Scan a book. High-Quality. Cheap. Fast.

Want to scan a book or more than one? Just send it to us. We scan it in high-quality. We give you the PDF, OCR, eBook, JPG, Word DOC file formats for free, then we send you the books back.



Scan a Book


How does it work?

You just place an order online on our website, you can pay by Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer. Then you send us the books via Postal Service. After we get them, we scan them, convert them into digital files which we send to you over the internet immediately once they’re done. After that we send you the books back to your address via Postal Service.

What are the Options?

We can convert your books into the following file formats: PDF, OCR PDF (Searchable PDF), Word Doc, eBook and JPG. You can choose between 3 types of scanning: Color, Black & White and Grayscale


Why choose us?

  • We have the best book scanner in the word. Really. It’s the Treventus ScanRobot, you can check it out for yourself, it’s really the best in the business.
  • Images without shadows, curved text or distortions. These are found with ANY book scanners that use cameras.
  • Execution time: 2 days
  • Image Clean-Up FREE ! (Our own custom developed software, you won’t get this with anyone else)
  • Advanced Robotic Scanning Technology – The books remain intact!
  • PDF, Searchable PDF, Word DOC, JPG, eBook – FREE !


Get a discount

If you have a blog or a website, you can get a big discount in exchange for a small review, or a link to us. You can also get a discount if you like & share our Facebook page, or follow and retweet. You can find more information here. Once you choose your discount option please contact us at to obtain the discount.



Prices & Other Info

To find out the exact price of an order, just go to the Order Page and put in the books that you want scanned. The price that you will see there is the exact one. If you need lots more detailed information, please visit our FAQ Page. You can also view some real scanned image samples here. You can contact us at


Sending the books

You can send us the books via (Destination: Cluj-Napoca, Romania) :

We can return your books via:

  • DPD Express (5 working days)