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Our Book Scanning Company

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More info on our Book Scanning Service Company

We have improved our book scan service significantly in the last 10 years. Our company has over 20 years experience in scanning and printing documents.

As the world is getting more and more globalized, our service is currently available for the entire United Kingdom ( England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland ), European Union, Switzerland, Norway and many more. The hardware and software infrastructure allows us to quickly digitize large quantities of books and bound documents.

Our team is stable and experienced, which makes us one of the best book scanning service currently available to end users, large institutions and corporations.




    • The order process is simple. Use our calculator to input all the information. Book name, total page count, size of page, Bitonal, Grayscale or color book scanning.
    • You can also select from destructive scanning or non destructive book scanning.
    • When you select destructive scanning we will recycle your book and you will save on return shipping.
    • If you choose the non destructive book scanning option, you will have to input your address and select the shipping method.
    • After you have made the order pack the books securely. We recommend you use some cushioning and then a small box. This way, your book will be protected.

    • Make sure the books are packed tight in the box and are not moving. The only problems we have seen with shipments are books moving inside the box during shipping.

    • Use the post office or courier of choice to ship the book. If you are from the UK, we recommend

    • They will give you the best shipping options and you can choose which one suits you best.

    • If you have a rush job, please use Express Delivery. This way you will have the scanning results much faster.
    • Once the book arrives at our scanning centre, you will be notified via Email. Sometimes the email may arrive in your SPAM folder.

    • If you ordered non destructive book scanning we will proceed to scan your book with our professional overhead book scanners. 

    • These scan at 300dpi, in color, black and white or grayscale.

    • Provided you have ordered destructive book scanning, we will remove the binding of your book, and scan it with our high speed scanners.

    • The color, resolution and settings you choose are common for both destructive or non destructive scanning.
    • When the scanning process is finished, we create the files formats you have requested in your order.

    • Once the PDF files, Word or Epub files are created, we will send them via . This sharing platform allows us to transfer your scanned books much easier than via email.

    • When you have checked your files, we return your book via courier, or we recycle the book if that is the option selected.
    • In England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we return the books by DPD courier for mainland adresses.

    •  For Channel Islands, and the rest of non mainland areas, we can only use the post options. 
    • We first remove the binding of the book by cutting the cutter with a special guilotine.
    • Most of the times the pages are perfectly cut and this will help with the overall scanning process.
    • In general the destructive book scanning method will yield better scanning results and improved overall quality.
    • It’s cheaper than non destructive book scanning and we recommend it for materials that are not physically valuable.

    PROS : Cheaper, better quality most of the time, less processing time. 

    CONS :
    Binding of the book is removed during scanning and material is recycled.

    • When we receive your book we analyse the condition and choose the equipment on which we will scan it.
    • If your book is in a good general condition we will use the automatic book scanner. If your book is fragile or very rare, we will scan it on the manual book scanners. 

    PROS : You can scan your book without cutting it. We can scan just about any book, no matter the condition, so if your book is valuable we recommend the nondestructive book scanning option.

    CONS : It costs more, it’s more labor intensive and the quality might not match the destructive scanning quality. If the physical book does not have such a high value, then the nondestructive book scanning option won’t bring you any added value.

    Book Scanning Hardware

    We try and improve all the time. At this moment we are using the following equipment for scanning your books:

    • 1 Automatic Book Scanner for high speed scanning of books
    • 4 Overhead Book Scanners for fragile bound books
    • 6 High Speed Scanners for Destructive Book Scanning
    • 3 Servers for Image Processing and 2 Servers for OCR
    • 3 different OCR solutions for Recognition and Indexing of books and documents. 

    Click here to check our Book scanning samples

    • Please head to our showcase portal to check samples of our book scanning service. 
    • You will see that we digitize books ranging from A5 in size to A4, A3 or even in between. 
    • We have examples of books scanned in color, grayscale and even bitonal. 
    • The file formats for the books to PDF, TIFF, JPEG and even PDF Searchable with OCR. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Book Scanning Services

    Book scanning is the process in which we convert all types of bound books and documents to digital file formats. 

    Our book scanning service is equipped with the necessary hardware and software to create perfect digital copies of your books. 

    We scan books to most image and text file formats available. 

    PDF, TIFF, JPEG are all standard files we offer. 

    Besides the above, we also scan to PDF OCR, Adobe and Abbyy OCR type of file. 

    The third type of file format is the Word RTF or DOC file.

    We convert the files through OCR automatically, which does not guarantee maximum accuracy. 

    On demand, we can supply Epub and other Ebook file formats such as Kindle Nook or even Audiobook Mp3.

    We are a total book digitization service. This means that the file formats you receive from us include a WORD file that was previously OCR’d. 

    The type of file we delier for text is DOCX, which is an editable format. 

    Yes, our company offers both a destructive and a non destructive book scanning service. 

    The non destructive book scanning process is that in which your book remains the same after the scanning process and the gutter is not removed. 

    The destructive scanning process means we remove the binding of the book for scanning, and we can either send you back the book or we can recycle it.

    The short answer is yes. We are a full on document management company. 

    When it comes to scanning facilities, we can do microfilm scanning using special microfilm scanners.

    Our wide format team can also do large format document scanning. 

    Also, we have industrial document scanners so we can do electronic document file scan for large archives, either for the private or for public sector scanning.

    A book scanner is a specialized scanner that is solely built to scan bound books or documents. It has different features and quality aspects when compared to your average document scanner or multifunctional printer. 

    Because it’s suited for books, it will achieve a higher throughput when compared to a normal document scanner. 

    Besides books, we can also scan documents. To get an estimated price level, please contact us by email with the details of your work, and we will respond in the shortest time with a quote or a request for extra details. 

    To scan or convert your book into PDF, we take the physical book and first run it through a digital conversion. 

    This means scanning all of the pages of the book. The resulting files will then be cleaned and corrected and converted to PDF. 

    An OCR PDF is an advanced type of the PDF file format, in which the images are converted to text file format. Therefore, when compared to a normal scanned PDF, you will be able to search and modify the characters in your PDF.


    Yes, our book digitizing service is available to customers in the UK mainland and also islands. This includes England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and other mainland United Kingdom Addresses. 

    If you are located outside the mainland of the UK please enquire about the return shipping conditions. Provided the books you send will be recycled after scanning, just make the order and don’t bother about the return. 

    To ship the books to us, you can us use either or the Royal Mail.

    The cost of scanning books varies depending on the size, color or grayscale and type of scanning. 

    For example the destructive option starts from around 0.06£ per page. 

    The non destructive book scanning option costs a bit more, around 0.11£ per page. 

    Our book scanning services can be adjusted to suit your budget but please feel free to contact us for more information. 

    Please go to our Order Page to calculate the exact amount and evaluate how much does it cost to scan a book. 

    Yes we do. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see testimonials of some of the customers that ordered with us. 

    At the same time, we can send you book scanning samples, or you can even send us a book for testing purposes. 

    In general we’ve had positive feedback from our customers. When problems occured, we managed to find the appropriate solution together with our clients. 

    We try and offer the best OCR accuracy we can get from any scan. 

    Please take into account that this is an automated process and results will depend on the type of book, condition of the book and layout of the text. 

    From our side, we do whatever is possible to improve the OCR accuracy. This means we scan and process the images to get the highest quality possible before sending them to the OCR processor. 

    Our company uses a large variety of book and document scanners. 

    They’re built for different purposes and you can be sure that your book can be scanned securely on one one of them. 

    The best scanner for scanning books is usually a semi-automatic V shape book scanner. This will allow you great flexibility and will probably be able to convert 99% of the books that exist in this world, in the shortest average time frame. 

    While an automatic book scanner might prove faster sometimes, all in all, the semi automatic book scanner will achieve the fastest overall production times. 

    We usually do our best to scan your book in a 2-3 working days timeframe. 

    If your order is larger, our scanning team will give you an estimate of the timeframe in which the scanning will be done. 


    We can scan your books to Kindle format. This is usually done after the scanning, image correction and the optical character recognition process.

    To scan or convert a scanned document into word, you must take the image file of that document and send it to an optical character recognition software. 

    This will analyze your pages and opticaly determine and read the carachters in the image. 

    An Ipad or other Tabet models read PDFs. This includes raster Pdf files ( image scans ), OCR PDF files, Adobe PDF files and even PDF/A files. 

    Of course, we can also supply TIFF or Jpeg files, Epub and other Ebook formats. While this is possible, we don’t recomend it, and we suggest you stick to PDF files. 

    Yes! After you input the total number of pages the final cost will include the scanning of your front and back covers. 

    We scan the book covers in color. 

    We scan most of the books at 300dpi minimum. 

    At the same time, you will receive books scanned at 400dpi, for the same price, depending on the equipment they were scanned on. 

    We think that 300dpi is the best resolution to use, because the final images will have good quality while maintaining a lower file size. 

    We can offer 2 separate answers for this. 

    First of all, our prices are in line with the market and we think we are on the low side most of the time. You can either check the prices directly, or ask for a special price based on your exact needs. 

    The second answer regarding cheap scanning services, is focused around offering you a lower cost solution based on specific requirements. This means that based on your request, we will build a highly optimized process for which we might be able to offer a significantly lower rate than other providers. 

    Scanning out of copyright books is legal and can be done by contacting us or ordering directly. If you have the copyright owner’s permission, you can also scan copyrighted books for personal use. 

    Scanning books for commercial reasons is prohibited by law unless you are the copyright owner or have written permission from the copyright owner.

    Scanning an out of copyright book is legal for personal use. If the book is copyrighted, you must either be the copyright owner or have the permision of the copyright owner. 

    To convert your physical book to an ebook we will use our book scanners to first create a digital image file copy of your book. 

    Then we run the results through the optical character recognition process and in the end we will convert the files to an ebook file format.

    Book Scanning Service Reviews

    “This was the first time I needed book scanning. The price was less than I had feared. It was good to see the technical process on video, it seemed reliable. I ordered scanning, paid it by PayPal and sent the book. In the beginning, it was not really “a couple of days process”. I sent the book by first class mail on the 10th of February. I got a report of receipt on 23. February. It was good to get that report. But then it proceeded fast. I received 5 different file versions and sizes of the book on 26. February. I can find a good version of all my purposes. Also, your message about tracking the location of the package on its way to me was good. Someday the Romanian Post will probably have a button to change the information in English…I am fully satisfied with the result and can recommend your company to my friends if they need that kind of service. “
    Kari Kiravou
    “I tested your Service with an old book of mine that I needed to have as an electronic edition. The order process was very convenient. After making the payment, I was able to send the book to your facility. After a short period of time (about a week) from placing the order and makin the payment, I received a link to the scanned PDF-file. The book transfer from Romania back to Germany took another week. Putting it all together, the service was quick (taking the logistic time into consideration) and reliable. If needed, I will be happy to use it again.”
    Philip Deubner
    “I appreciated the quick reaction of your company and the excellent result for a very modest price. I only had a problem with the pub version. The book is now on google books. “.
    Claude Springer
    “I am extremely pleased with the results of the book scanning that I sent in. The intention was to obtain a searchable document because the book was not available in digital format. Even though the book was not in a major language (Malay), amazingly the software produced an extremely reliable output.”
    Haziq Jamil
    United Kingdom
    “Having used Overnight scanning for a critical project. I can only relate to the fact that I´m very satisfied. They responded to my enquires quickly and with detail. They showed great flexibility in accomodating myself when changing the type of return shipment . The received scanned information was spot on. I am a very satisfied customer who will use them again for my book projects. “
    Frederic Grahn

    Book Scanning Service UK & Europe | #1 Digitization 2020

    Book Scanning Service UK

    Overnight-Scanning.EU is a book scanning service provider in the UK and the rest of Europe.

    We provide both non destructive and destructive scanning

    • Non destructive book scan – We use a special book scanner that will scan all your pages without removing the binding. Bound book scanning lets you keep the physical book intact while retrieving all the content from it.
    • Destructive scanning – This is the classic approach. We take each book, remove the binding and send it through our high speed document scanner. The digitization cost is lower than using the non-destructive service.

    What bound material can you scan

    • Books – Story books, Cookbooks, Diaries, Journals, Written Guides, Periodicals
    • Technical manuals, Log Books, Textbooks, Dictionaries, Drawings, Technical documents
    • Bound documents – Registries, Land books, Patient records, etc

    Sending your book to our scanning service

    We recommend the following solution to send your books:





    They will provide  you with the following :

    • Instant quote regarding the costs and duration of delivery
    • Choose from a large number of shipping providers
    • Easy Price comparison between forwarders
    • Online order and payment

    We service the entire UK

    It does not matter where you are located, our company can scan your books.

    – London Area – We service the entire London Area, without any restriction.

    – South West & South East & East of England – We will scan your books from all these Mainland Regions,

    • Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent,
    • Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Surrey, Greater London, Hertfordshire

    – West Midlands and East Midlands – These Mainland Regions are all serviced by our company.

    • Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Coventry, Meriden, Dudley, Halesowen, Stourbridge, Sandwell, Warley, West Bromwich, Solihull, Stratford-on-Avon, Walsall, Aldridge-Brownhills, Wolverhampton
    • Derbyshire. Leicestershire. Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland

    – North West, North East, Yorkshire, and the Humber

    – Scotland

    – Wales

    Why choose our Book Scanning Service for the UK

    There are a couple of good reasons why our service for book scanning is the best in the UK. Here are a couple of them:

    • You can order from anywhere, using our online ordering process.
    • By using the website for shipping, you don’t even have to leave the house
    • We service most of the UK Mainland, Scotland and Wales
    • Our prices are very low, starting from 0.06£/page

    Everything you need to know

    How it works

    TTC-2 Graphic Elements.indd You place an order on our website, which takes just 5 minutes. You can pay securely via Credit Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal account. Learn more
    TTC-2 Graphic Elements.indd After you have placed your order, you just send your books via Postal Service to our address in a sealed package/envelope. Learn more
    TTC-2 Graphic Elements.indd After the books arrive, we scan all of them in just 48 hours using our robotic scanner. The books remain intact. Once you are satisfied with the scan quality, we send the books back to you. See sample scans here.


    What our customers say


    What can you do with our scans?


    Search for text inside your book



    Edit your book right inside Microsoft Word



    Read the book on all your eReaders & Mobile Devices



    Convert your books into Audiobooks



    Reprint & Republish your books


    The best Book Scanning Service in UK and the rest of Europe is live !

    Book Scanning Services in the UK & Europe

    That’s what we do. We take your books, we scan them, we upload the files and then send them back to you. We can scan them in Color, Grayscale and also Black & White. The book page size can be as big as A4. After that we can convert it into PDF (yes, with OCR aswell and it’s free), Word Document(Free as well), ePub, Kindle, JPG. That covers about the whole digital spectrum.

    Book Digitization Service at low prices 

    When you think about a classic Book Digitization Service, you always think about high prices. We have designed our service to be affordable to just about anyone. Scanning books has never been cheaper. In fact, we have 2 separate book digitization services that you can choose from. First of all, we have the non-destructive book scanning service in the UK and the destructive book scanning service. The second one is more affordable, as it saves on return shipping because your book is recycled after scanning. is the best book scanning service near you. We have thought of everything and because we want to offer you the best book digitization service, you can make everything online, without even leaving your house. We can even scan books sent directly from Amazon.

    Order & Pay Online in 2 minutes

    Yes, you can pay with your Credit Card or PayPal account instantly. Fast and secure, takes just 2 minutes to order.  The ordering process is simple, clear and very customizable. You can choose different types of scanning for different books. Just put in the title and number of pages of your books and you’re just about done. That’s because we know we’re all different and unique and we want to keep it that way.

    All over UK & Europe

    This is a book scanning service that is available exclusively to the European Continent, but since we’re talking in English, you will especially be able to order from the entire United Kingdom.
    You can order from the UK from: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and all the other cities and villages in England. You can order from Scotland aswell: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen. From the Irish land? No problem! Order from Dublin, Cork, or any other city or village.
    Any questions, feel free to contact us at:, or just call us at 0040724-223941 or 0040729400070

    All languages are welcome 🙂

    Bonjour, Hello, Guten Tag!…No matter what language you speak, we want to be found by everyone in Europe.

    In English it’s Book Scanning, mais en francais, le service s’appelle numérisation de livres. In Deutsch es heißt Buch-Scan, ma in italiano, si chiama Libro di scansione. En español se llama Escaneado de libro, maar in het Nederlands het is Boek scannen genoemd. i Danmark, det hedder bog scanning, men i sverige det kallas bokskanning, em português é chamado de digitalização de livros, ale w Polsce to się nazywa skanowanie książki. V české republice se to jmenuje kniha skenování, men i Norge det heter boken skanning.

    And we could go on and on…Welcome Europe to the first Real Book Scanner!