What customers are saying

Customers from all over Europe that worked with us were kind enough to leave us feedback on what their experience was, how good the service was, where we could improve, etc. Here is what they had to say:


Federico Del Conte, Firenze – “Molto professionali e rapidi nel lavoro come definito nel loro sito.Facili da contattare (Email ma anche per telefono) e veloci nella risposta, con la possibilità di comunicare in inglese, francese e italiano (quest’ultimo per Email). Veramente un ottimo servizio, lo raccomando a chi avesse bisogno di digitalizzare un testo.”

Anonymous review – “they describe themselves as “Overnight Scanning. The best Book Scanner in Europe.” … and they are not wrong. For the EU based customer this service provides excellent quality and fast turnaround results. I opted to send a book in for scanning fully expecting it to be sent back moderately damaged. To my delight the book looked as if it had hardly been touched. More importantly the scans were of a far greater quality than a more expensive USA west coast scanning company I had used earlier. All the words in the book were instantly selectable and pastable with no errors whatsoever, compared to the multitude or errors I had been expecting.”

Deanne Litmann, Germany – “I would like to thank “Overnight Scanning” for making their scanning services accessible to people across Europe. I had a book, which I urgently needed scanned, and I found “Overnight Scanning” on a search engine. The website was very clear and organized. I paid with PayPal, shipped my book, and received the PDF and Word files within 10 days. I received the book quickly back too. I also liked that the company sent me emails telling me whenever there was a change in my order status.
The quality of the PDF was very good and I am very satisfied with this company.
I will definitely use them again in the future! Thank you ! “

Per-Ulf Nilsson – “Resultatet blev utmärkt och arbetet genomfördes snabbt och effektivt inklusive återsändningen av den ursprungliga boken. Priset var också mycket bra.”

Helmut Lammer, Germany – “vielen Dank ich war mit dem Einscann Service meines Polnischkurses sehr zufrieden, vorallem das Optimized OCR ist sehr brauchbar auf Tablet und Handy. Trotzdem bin ich happy mit dem Ergebnis und würde es auch weiterempfehlen,. “

Haziq Jamil, London – “I am extremely pleased with the results of the book scanning that I sent in. The intention was to obtain a searchable document because the book was not available in digital format. Even though the book was not in a major language (Malay), amazingly the software produced an extremely reliable output.”

Frederic Grahn, Kullavik – “Having used Overnight scanning for a critical project. I can only relate to the fact that I´m very satisfied. They responded to my enquires quickly and with detail. They showed great flexibility in accomodating myself when changing the type of return shipment . The received scanned information was spot on. I am a very satisfied customer who will use them again for my book projects. “

Marteen Koller, Netherlands – “I tried to place an order but there was a problem with payment. When I contacted Overnight-Scanning they were very helpful in solving the problem. That gave me the confidence to sent my book to them. When it arrived I received an email and later I received a WeTransfer mail with my files. All in all: the overall experience was good enough for me to use them again.”

Michel Sturiale, Zeitlose Werte Verlag – We had a book to scan and after a short internet search, we found Overnight Scanning.
We felt that it could be a bit risky to pay online and send the book overbroad, but we decided to invest this money and some trust, too.
We had to wait a bit longer because of Christmas/New Year holidays, but then we received a lot of data and a few days later, also our book back.

Everything was perfect and we are fully satisfied with both work and service and will place orders in the future.
We can recommend this company.

Le Petit Paume, France  
“Nous avons fait scanner près de 40 guides de 400 pages. Le résultat était époustouflant ! Rapide, propre, prix raisonnable. Avec un suivi client impeccable, finalement la seule crainte était sur le transporteur France-Roumanie.

Une chose auquel on ne s’attend pas mais qui fait plaisir : le scan en plein de formats : pdf, word, ocr…avec une fonction recherche. “

Philip Deubner, VSM – “I tested your Service with an old book of mine that I needed to have as an electronic edition.
The order process was very convenient. After making the payment, I was able to send the book to your facility.
After a short period of time (about a week) from placing the order and makin the payment, I received a link to the scanned PDF-file.

The book transfer from Romania back to Germany took another week.
Putting it all together, the service was quick (taking the logistic time into consideration) and reliable. If needed, I will be happy to use it again.”

Alejandro Gonzalez, Barcelona – “En busca de un servicio rápido que me permitiera escanear unos documentos en Word, me crucé con un servicio de escaneado situado en Rumanía y decidí consultar cuánto tiempo y dinero me costaría pasar unos documentos escaneados a Word. En menos de media hora tenía en mi buzón de correo los seis documentos encargados en una calidad óptima que me permitieron incluir inmediatamente los gráficos en mi trabajo académico. Recomendaría sin duda este servicio tan eficiente y no dudaré en volver a utilizarlo.”

Andrea Farne, Verona – “Il sito e’ strutturato bene,il servizio di scanerizzazione si e’ rivelato molto efficiente. I file pdf (quelli che ho esaminato) sono molto ben fatti. Se qualche amico o conoscente avesse bisogno di eseguire una scanerizzazione di testi senz’altro lo consiglierei.”

Mirko Ulbrich, Germany – “Overnight Scanning Service did a very good job. Better than I thought, the OCR scan was flawless, the back delivery of the book perfect with insured mail and the scan had very high quality. For whatever reason all the mails from overnight scanning ended up in my spam folder and even after bringing them in the “secure list” my scam software decided to mark as scam again. This made the communication a little complex but it was not a issue of overnight scan but of me.”

Kari Kiravuo, Finland – “This was first time I needed book scanning. The price was less than I had feared. It was good to see the technical process on video, it seemed reliable. I ordered scanning, paid it by PayPal and sent the book. In the beginning it was not really “a couple of days process”. I sent the book by first class mail on 10. February, got report of receipt on 23. February. It was good to get that report. But then it proceeded fast. I received 5 different file versions and sizes of the book on 26. February. I can find a good version to all my purposes. Also your message about tracking the location of the package on its way to me was good. Some day the Romanian Post will probably have a button to change the information in English…I am fully satisfied with the result and can recommend your company to my friends, if they need that kind of service. “

SAMES, France

“J’ai été très agréablement surpris par votre service de numerisation de livres. Nous travaillons beaucoup avec des livres techniques et professionnel qui ne sont plus éditées. Numeriser manuellement ce type de livres est un enorme travaille difficile à réaliser et très couteux. Votre offre de numerisation avec differents fichiers “word” “pdf” est à un coût abordable ( le prix d’un livre ) et en plus nous pouvons travailler sur les documents numeriser. “

Heinz Schindler, Germany – “I am very happy with your scan services, because my book was not destroyed and returned to me very quickly. The Scans are of very good quality, very clear without any shadows.
The scanned files I could download via web-transfer which is very convenient for me. Actually I am surprised how quickly and professional my books where scanned and returned. There was no problem at all concerning the handling and communication. I would always come back to your scan service for any further scans. “

Rocio Faria Davolio, Valencia – “El servicio que ofrece su empresa me ha parecido de buena calidad. Todo el proceso ha sido seguro y especialmente rápido. Sin duda, repetiré la experiencia con otros libros.”

Kurt Rossacher, Austria – “Ich habe auf der Suche nach einem Dienstleister für professionellen Bücherscan Ihre Website gefunden und probeweise eine erstes Buch zu Ihnen gesandt.
Die Bestellabwicklung war einfach und problemlos, das Ergebnis ist ausgezeichnet und ich bin sehr zufrieden, außerdem ging alles sehr schnell.
Ich habe Ihnen nun zwei weiterer Bücher, eines davon in Fraktur-Schrift (Gotik) geschickt und bin gespannt auf die Ergebnisse.”

Andreas, Sweden – “Overnight-scanning var mycket professionella! Kommunikationen fungerade väldigt bra och jag fick snabbt svar på mina frågor. De hjälpte mig att komma fram till den bästa lösning för mitt användningsområde. Kvalitén på de pdf filer som jag erhöll var mycket bra och Overnight-scanning har utan tvekan varit till stor hjälp för att underlätta mitt arbete! Nu kan jag äntligen kasta alla papper och pärmar!”

Oscar Fanlo, JMT Ambiplan, Spain – “El Servicio fue excelente, envié por correo el libro a escanear, y lo recibí de vuelta si n ningún problema y además todos los archivos digitales son excelentes, realmente vale la pena.”

Eric Weyland, France
“J’ai eu recours à ce service pour scanner trois livres d’une centaine de pages chacun et j’en n’ai pas été déçu. Le reconnaissance de caractères est proche de la perfection. Je recommande surtout que les délais sont très courts.”

Claude Springer, France  
“I appreciated the quick reaction of your company and the excellent result for a very modest price. I only had a problem with the pub version. The book is now on google books. “

Vidal Michel, France
“J’ai retenu une bonne impression et une bonne satisfaction de votre service merçie. j’ai encore 2 autres livres a faire scanner que vaie vous faire parvenir “

Uchenna George-Niemnacho – “I found this site on the Internet and was a little bit apprehensive about using their services. Having thought about it, for some time, I decided to give it a try.

What an incredible experience it proved to be. It was easy placing the order, sending documents to them and its subsequent processing. The result was amazing.

I am glad I decided to try them out”

John Radcliffe, The Kipling Society

“Your scanning service has been excellent, swift, responsive, efficient, and economical. We will be happy to make us of your services whenever the need arises. “

Ejvin Bjørnkjær, Denmark

“Hurtigt, effektivt og fin kvalitet!
Anbefales hermed.”

Jorge, Murcia, Spain

“Buen servicio y muy rápido. Recomendable 100%. Realicé el envío desde España y el resultado ha sido muy bueno, la atención al cliente perfecta”

Editions Thadee, France

“I recommend Overnight Scanning to price, quality, availability on the phone, quote online, secure online payment.
It was a bit long for delivery times to go but the time was right to return.
In conclusion, I am very satisfied.”

Robert Foley, Cambridge

“The service was excellent! Good quality, straightforward and fast.”

Anders Engquist, Uppsala – “Overnight-scanning, Snabb leverans till bra pris, Använder gärna tjänsten igen.”

 Uppsala, Sverige, 23rd of October, 2013

Niko Besnier, Netherlands  
“Q: What did you think about our service?
A: Good services, very prompt.
Q: What can we improve?
A: Fine as is.”

Clara Faraasen, Norway  
“Q: What did you think about our service?
A: Very good!.
Q: What can we improve?
A: I think the service was super!”

Michel Marmin, France  
“Votre travail de reconnaissance de texte est remarquable, d’autant que la qualité d’impression du livre que je vous ai fourni était médiocre. Bien entendu, je ferai de nouveau appel à vous et ne manquerai pas de communiquer votre adresse à des collègues. Bien cordialement à vous.”

Tania Ruiz, Paris – “The service was fast and fine. I expected that the document will be returned well and soon. And it was! In the information of the location where the document is to be send, that does not appear before the payment. AND WE HAVE SOLVED THIS.

Mirza Amin, Norway – “Your service was very god and i would recommend it to my friends.

Happy Christmas and happy new year!”

Jean-Paul, Paraguay – “Until now, I had about twenty text books scanned and converted in different formats.
All I can say is that I am more than satisfied about this service:
-excellent results
I certainly will continue to use the services of this company.”

Boris Bartolome, Universite de Bordeaux

“I very much appreciated your service.
The things I liked were your responsiveness to my specific situation, the
quality of the work, your communication.”

Association Daniel Bensaid, France  
“Excellente qualité du travail réalisé.”

Chok Cycles, Switzerland

“Travail rapide et parfait.
MERCI et bonnes salutations!
Guy Kottelat”