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Book scanning Service in UK and Europe

Our book scanning service is capable of converting bound books and magazines to digital formats. Our bound book scanning company works for clients in the UK and the rest of Europe. We scan all the pages from a book, and create PDF, Jpeg, Tiff and even Word files.

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  • We are scanning books with professional scanning devices only. Every page is captured correctly.

    We are scanning books with professional scanning devices only. Every page is captured correctly.

  • Insert the number of pages and format in our calculator. The scanning cost is easy to calculate.

    Insert the number of pages and format in our calculator. The scanning cost is easy to calculate.

Book scanning Company in Europe & UK

Book scanning Company in Europe & UK

You can order from anywhere in Europe and the UK. Scanning in 48hours. Cheap return shipping.
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DOWNLOAD scanning samples

DOWNLOAD scanning samples

Download Real Samples of our scans in PDF, ePub, Word DOC, JPG, ODT file formats.
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Book Scanning CUSTOMER Reviews

Book Scanning CUSTOMER Reviews

Read what our European customers are saying about our book scanning service
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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

Frequently asked QUESTIONS

Find out about Image Quality, Shipping and Payment in our FAQ Section.
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Book Scanning Service UK

Overnight-Scanning.EU is a book scanning service provider in the UK and the rest of Europe.

We provide both non destructive and destructive scanning

  • Non destructive book scan – We use a special book scanner that will scan all your pages without removing the binding. Bound book scanning lets you keep the physical book intact while retrieving all the content from it.
  • Destructive scanning – This is the classic approach. We take each book, remove the binding and send it through our high speed document scanner. The digitization cost is lower than using the non-destructive service.

What bound material can you scan

  • Books – Story books, Cookbooks, Diaries, Journals, Written Guides, Periodicals
  • Technical manuals, Log Books, Textbooks, Dictionaries, Drawings, Technical documents
  • Bound documents – Registries, Land books, Patient records, etc

Sending your book to our scanning service

We recommend the following solution to send your books:





They will provide  you with the following :

  • Instant quote regarding the costs and duration of delivery
  • Choose from a large number of shipping providers
  • Easy Price comparison between forwarders
  • Online order and payment

We service the entire UK

It does not matter where you are located, our company can scan your books.

- London Area – We service the entire London Area, without any restriction.

- South West & South East & East of England - We will scan your books from all these Mainland Regions,

  • Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent,
  • Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Surrey, Greater London, Hertfordshire

- West Midlands and East Midlands – These Mainland Regions are all serviced by our company.

  • Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Coventry, Meriden, Dudley, Halesowen, Stourbridge, Sandwell, Warley, West Bromwich, Solihull, Stratford-on-Avon, Walsall, Aldridge-Brownhills, Wolverhampton
  • Derbyshire. Leicestershire. Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland

- North West, North East, Yorkshire, and the Humber

- Scotland

- Wales

Why choose our Book Scanning Service for the UK

There are a couple of good reasons why our service for book scanning is the best in the UK. Here are a couple of them:

  • You can order from anywhere, using our online ordering process.
  • By using the Parcel2GO.com website for shipping, you don’t even have to leave the house
  • We service most of the UK Mainland, Scotland and Wales
  • Our prices are very low, starting from 0.06£/page

Everything you need to know

How it works

TTC-2 Graphic Elements.indd You place an order on our website, which takes just 5 minutes. You can pay securely via Credit Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal account. Learn more
TTC-2 Graphic Elements.indd After you have placed your order, you just send your books via Postal Service to our address in a sealed package/envelope. Learn more
TTC-2 Graphic Elements.indd After the books arrive, we scan all of them in just 48 hours using our robotic scanner. The books remain intact. Once you are satisfied with the scan quality, we send the books back to you. See sample scans here.


What our customers say


What can you do with our scans?


Search for text inside your book



Edit your book right inside Microsoft Word



Read the book on all your eReaders & Mobile Devices



Convert your books into Audiobooks



Reprint & Republish your books


We’ve prepared a little video

The best Book Scanning Service in UK and the rest of Europe is live !

Book Scanning Services in the UK & Europe

That’s what we do. We take your books, we scan them, we upload the files and then send them back to you. We can scan them in Color, Grayscale and also Black & White. The book page size can be as big as A4. After that we can convert it into PDF (yes, with OCR aswell and it’s free), Word Document(Free as well), ePub, Kindle, JPG. That covers about the whole digital spectrum.

Book Digitization Service at low prices 

When you think about a classic Book Digitization Service, you always think about high prices. We have designed our service to be affordable to just about anyone. Scanning books has never been cheaper. In fact, we have 2 separate book digitization services that you can choose from. First of all, we have the non-destructive book scanning service in the UK and the destructive book scanning service. The second one is more affordable, as it saves on return shipping because your book is recycled after scanning.

Overnight-scanning.eu is the best book scanning service near you. We have thought of everything and because we want to offer you the best book digitization service, you can make everything online, without even leaving your house. We can even scan books sent directly from Amazon.

Order & Pay Online in 2 minutes

Yes, you can pay with your Credit Card or PayPal account instantly. Fast and secure, takes just 2 minutes to order.  The ordering process is simple, clear and very customizable. You can choose different types of scanning for different books. Just put in the title and number of pages of your books and you’re just about done. That’s because we know we’re all different and unique and we want to keep it that way.

All over UK & Europe

This is a book scanning service that is available exclusively to the European Continent, but since we’re talking in English, you will especially be able to order from the entire United Kingdom.
You can order from the UK from: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and all the other cities and villages in England. You can order from Scotland aswell: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen. From the Irish land? No problem! Order from Dublin, Cork, or any other city or village.
Any questions, feel free to contact us at: contact@overnight-scanning.eu, or just call us at 0040724-223941 or 0040729400070

All languages are welcome :)

Bonjour, Hello, Guten Tag!…No matter what language you speak, we want to be found by everyone in Europe.

In English it’s Book Scanning, mais en francais, le service s’appelle numérisation de livres. In Deutsch es heißt Buch-Scan, ma in italiano, si chiama Libro di scansione. En español se llama Escaneado de libro, maar in het Nederlands het is Boek scannen genoemd. i Danmark, det hedder bog scanning, men i sverige det kallas bokskanning, em português é chamado de digitalização de livros, ale w Polsce to się nazywa skanowanie książki. V české republice se to jmenuje kniha skenování, men i Norge det heter boken skanning.

And we could go on and on…Welcome Europe to the first Real Book Scanner!